Windsor Strava Athlete

The Strava athlete's toolkit

It can't help you bag anymore KOMs, but Windsor Strava Athlete automatically displays your Strava runs and rides directly on your website. Win.

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Shortcodes embed all or a single activity on your website

Cutting corners on your workouts? Lazy. Using a shortcut to install Windsor Strava Athlete? Smart. When you’re ready to install Windsor Strava Athlete, all you need is shortcode (translation: shortcut) that easily pulls your Strava activities with minimal effort.

Whether you want to feature a sole activity, the past 200, or anything in between, the Windsor Strava Athlete shortcode performs so you can save your energy for crushing more PRs!


Your stats on parade

Strava is more than just a workout tracking tool. It houses an incredible amount of data that you can also display on your website.

Miles, segments, average speed, and even calories if you care–it can all live on your website with Windsor Strava Athlete.

Map where you've been

What better way to display your accomplishments than with a map? See the ground you’ve covered on Google Maps and find new places to explore.

Try it out. It's free!

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