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Get Paid Quickly, Work Efficiently

Getting paid should never slow you down. LittleBot Invoices uses bionic powers to seamlessly integrate onto your WordPress site so you can request and estimate payments without ever leaving your website. Create clear and accurate invoices at breakneck speed. Because robots are the new unicorns.

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Native WordPress Estimating & Invoicing

Setting up and using LittleBot Invoices is simple because it was built for WordPress, in WordPress–for WordPress wizards just like you. Nothing new to learn! You never have to leave the website or deal with a third party. You can just have your own party.  

A Perfect Workflow

The LittleBot Invoice workflow provides a complete invoicing solution directly on your website. Take care of payment without sending customers to any unfamiliar or third-party payment websites.  From the initial request, invoice, and approval, you’re in control because your invoicing is local.  ChaChing!

Easy Client Management

Adding and managing invoice clients with LittleBot Invoices is easy because it uses the beauty of WordPress functionality. Ever added a new author or user to your WordPress site? Then you already know how to add and manage your clients using LittleBot Invoices. Save time on administrative invoicing tasks so you can work harder on the tasks that make you happy and get you paid!  

Stripe Payment Gateway Premium Addon

The Stripe Payment Gateway extension allows you to securely accept credit card payments for your LittleBot invoices. Credit card numbers are never stored on your server. Customers can pay through a familiar payment process.


What you’ll need

  1. Stripe account ( It’s free )
  2. LittleBot Invoices ( also free )
  3. This plugin
  4. SSL enabled on your site


Try it out. It's free!

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