Feature Requests

5 votes

[approved] (LittleBot Invoices) Email/Download PDFs

Add support for invoices to have attached PDFs to actual invoice page and emailed.

3 votes

[completed] (LittleBot Invoices) Sent Email Reference

Please add a Log record for each sent estimate and invoice email.

3 votes

[completed] (LittleBot ACH) Create Customer After Charge

Create Customer After Charge

1 vote

[under review](ACH Stripe Plaid) Add Development mode option

Add development mode option.

1 vote

[approved](LittleBot Invoices) Additional Fonts

Add additional fonts options for invoices/estimate templates and the PDF.

[approved] (LittleBot ACH) Create Customer After Charge

Create option for public form.

[completed](LittleBot Invoices) Disable paypal button per invoice

Checkbox to disable paypal invoice button on a per invoice basis.

-3 votes

[declined] (LittleBot Invoices) Issued Date

Please remove the issued date from the frontend, or have that date/time dynamically update once emailed. It doesn’t record the issued date, it records the date of creation which is the same thing. Thanks

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