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Getting Started

You must get a API Key (Access Token) from Strava by registering your application or nothing will work. This step is required by Strava. You can register your application here:

Application Name: Name it whatever you want.
Website: (Change “yourdomain” our for your actual domain ? )
Application Description: Whatever you want.
Authorized Callback Domain: (Change “yourdomain” our for your actual domain ? )

Save and find your Access Token. 


Copy you access token and paste in the Strava Api Input field. WP-Admin > Settings > Windsor Strava Club

Google Now Requires and API Key to use their Javsascript maps

First, go here.

  1. click “get key”, then “continue”.
  2. Create project
  3. Click dashboard
  4. Click Enable API
  5. Look for google maps javascript API and click.
  6. Click enable
  7. Click credentials > create credentials > API Key
  8. Choose browser key
  9. Create