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Club Shortcode

To render the map simply create a new post or page, click the “text” tab and paste the plugins short code in the tech editor:


Next, add your shortcode attributes. Supported options are:

clubid: Your clubs ID. Can be found at then end of the clubs url. Ex:
zoom: The zoom level of the map. 0-18
lat: Latitude of where you would like to center the map on load
lng: Longitude of where you would like to center the map

An example would look like this:

[[windsor_strava_club clubid="132130" zoom="8" lat="39.7469" lng="-105.2108"]]

More info on how to use short code attributes can be found in the WordPress Documentation.

The above shortcode will generate the following map:
[windsor_strava_club clubid=”132130″ zoom=”8″ lat=”39.7469″ lng=”-105.2108″]