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Creating an Invoice

WP-Admin > Invoices > Add New

This will bring up a blank invoice. The title of the post will be your invoice title. On the right hand side, you’ll find a metabox called Invoice Details. From here, you can select a client or add a client.

Next you’ll want to set the invoice status.

Draft – Not yet ready to be sent.

Unpaid – Not paid by the client.

Paid – Paid by the client. ( will change automatically after payment by soon-to-come payment extensions )

Overdue – Not paid and past selected due date :(. ( Will change automatically)

Void – Not paid & written off by you.

Invoice Number PO Number is for your reference only. The Issued Date defaults to the current date. The Due Date defaults to 30 days from the current day. Both can be changed to fit you needs.

Line Items

Title text field – Short title of the line item.

Description textarea – A longer description of the service or line item.

QTY – The quantity of items.

Rate  – your rate.

– Your discount to the line item. For example 10 would be a 10% discount.

You can duplicate a line item by clicking the plus simple on the lefthand side of the line item box. You can also delete a line item by clicking on the X.

Lastly, you can add a new line item by clicking on the Add Line Item button.