Documentation | LittleBot ACH for Stripe + Plaid


Getting Started

1) In order to use this plugin, you need at Stripe account and a Plaid account.

2) You mist enable ACH at stripe. You can check if your account is ACH enabled here.  If you see the following, click accept terms of service. If you don’t see this, your account is likely already enabled.

3) To verify that your Plaid account is enabled for the integration, go to the Integrations section of the account dashboard. If you see:

your Plaid account is enabled for the integration but you have not connected your Stripe account.

Click the ‘Connect With Stripe’ button to connect your Plaid and Stripe accounts. This step is required so that Plaid can facilitate the creation of Stripe bank account tokens on your behalf.

Once your Stripe account is connected, you’ll see:


Your Stripe & Plaid account is now setup.